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Leather Briefcases & Laptop Bags

Our leather bags for men and women are rugged and sturdy, built with a spirit of adventure. We have a wide selection of leather handbags, canvas bags, messenger bags and backpacks inspired by the time-honored traditions.


Whether it is bags for men or bags for women, we now offer a huge variety of stunning business to casual leather bags to suit many tastes. Of course, coming from the leather experts here at Leather Hide Store, you are assured to receive only a premium leather bag that is not about "fast fashion" but quality and durability. All of our bag suppliers warranty their products and have a long history of superb craftsmanship. We are proud to offer these exceptional leather bags at true discount prices.


With so many beautiful leather handbags, briefcases and backpacks we had to create The Leather Bag Outlet just to share them all! Here you will find even more premium bags in a great range of styles for both men and women. What about leather bags made from our own gorgeous leathers? Great idea! Soon we will begin offering cool and fashionable bags from many of our small handbag makers that source their leather directly from us. This way, we can help promote these talented artisans and offer you one of a kind bags that you are unlikely to find anywhere else!